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a medical doctor with a PhD in fashion
3rd-Dec-2008 09:54 pm
「hello batman」
List the top ten guys that you would kiss. Please include pictures.
Stolen from venus_aurea

Hrrrm. IDK if they are in the order I'd want to kiss em in. Cause I kinda want ta rape them all one day
Riku - Chariots

I want to be between them in that picture.
Ryouhei & Gou - Megamasso

I love a man dressed like a pirate.
Makoto - DOREMIdan

Lookit that face >3<
Aiji - LM.C

yes, please =w=
Nao - alice nice.

Kanon - AN CAFE

Kei - DIO

I think I have a fluffy hair fetish D:
Mana - Moi Dix Mois

another blonde?
Sou - lolita23q

6th-Dec-2008 03:37 am (UTC) - Kaya Christmas Fanbook Project!
Wooooooooooooot? No Kaya? T_T

Consider writing in the fanbook we're making for Christmas? *points below*

~ ~ ~

For Christmas, we are making Kaya a fanbook with his fans' wishes for him for 2009. I have bought some hand-made scrapbooking paper and have been gluing like mad, and there are also people who agreed to translate. When we are done, we will mail it off to him from his International Addicts.

Please respond to this comment right now with your answer to the following:

1. Name: (optional-- or make something up!)
2. Country: (V. Important! Kaya likes the International Addicts!)
3. Why you think Kaya is awesome:
4. Your wishes for him for 2009.
5. If you have fanart, a picture of yourself, or anything else you want to give to him, a link to that (I will go print it out on glossy picture paper and glue it in). A picture of yourself is nice, so that he sees that these are real ppl who like him ^_^ No pic is awesome too, of course.
6. If you're from the US and/or went to the live, please say thank you for coming and invite him to come again!

In his diary entry after his LA live, he sounded genuinely surprised that people outside of Japan like him, so we decided to bring it on and wish him a happy new year.

Thank you very much for your participation! Please write back now so I can pass your messages along to be translated; I am putting together the fanbook as we speak! Fanart can wait until the end of the weekend—but, as I said before, a pic of you is good too <3

Kaya will be so happy, squee!

I think he'll love the picture where he's holding your Pikachu ears, personally.
6th-Dec-2008 09:55 pm (UTC) - Re: Kaya Christmas Fanbook Project!
I don't kiss as good as Kamijo does xD


1. Name: Pinkeh
2. Country: USA!
3. Why you think Kaya is awesome: Because he is gorgeous, has a beautiful voice and isn’t afraid to be himself
4. Your wishes for him for 2009: I hope that he will have a happy and successful year & that he'll have a concert in the US again ♥
5. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/danger0uslypink/pinkehconkayaaaaa.jpg
6. If you're from the US and/or went to the live, please say thank you for coming and invite him to come again!
Thank you so much for coming to California! I hope you had fun in my home state. I really had so much fun at all your events and your concert was AMAZING!
Please come back soon! I'm going to visit Japan again next year, and when I do, I am going to try to go to one of your concerts there!
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